By Captain Dave

Hot on the heels of our website redesign comes another new look for the Hawaii Ocean Project, courtesy of our official Twitter page @HIOceanProject!

Taking advantage of Twitter’s coolest update yet, the Hawaii Ocean Project profile sports a brand new layout, showcasing a great view from our vessel the Kaulana at the top, with a stream of awesome tweets and interactions now more prominently displayed as you scroll down the page. Along with this vastly improved tweet layout, you will also find a selection of our connections which may be of interest to you automatically displayed within the tweet stream!

With all these fantastic changes, all the features essential to interacting with us on Twitter remain intact, with simple icons now allowing you to quickly favorite our tweets, reply to a tweet directly, or retweet your favorite @HIOceanProject tweets to all your friends! But don’t just take our word for it; check out our new layout and let us know your thoughts on any of our many Hawaii Ocean Project experiences (snorkeling Maui, cocktail cruises, etc.) and projects (whale and other marine life conservation) by tweeting us directly @HIOceanProject.

By Captain Dave

Notice something different on our website? A change in colors? Some new pictures? More information? How about all of the above!

That’s right, today we are proud to unveil our fantastic new website to the many friends, fans, and followers of the Hawaii Ocean Project. As you have surely noticed by now, our website features a brand new layout, streamlined to provide you with an experience which is not only much more aesthetically appealing, via a brighter color palette and high definition imagery, but one which also simplifies and improves the  organization and navigational structure. These improvements make finding the information you want (such as pricing for your Maui whale watch tour, Lanai snorkeling trip, or Molokai ferry ride) a much easier affair. Also improved is our online booking and reservations system, which you will find featured at the top of each of our cruise and tour pages, for quick and easy reservations.

In addition to these fantastic design and layout improvements, we have also worked with our web design consultants to implement a website experience which works across all major device formats; from computers, to tablets, and phones. Now when you’re ready to book your next sunset dinner cruise you can easily do so quickly right on your phone without any pinching or zooming to see the details on screen. Go ahead and try it out!

Best of all, these great features are just the beginning! Check back often as we have quite a few new features and projects in the works to be showcased right here, at!

By Captain Dave

Ready to take [part in one of our fantastic Maui whale watching trips? Here’s a few items you may want to consider bringing along with you on your tour:

  • Sunscreen – During our Maui whale watch tour you will be spending a good amount of time watching humpback whales frolic and play in the water under the wonderful Hawaiian sun. While the warmth is always welcoming, protecting your skin from UV rays with a dab of sunscreen is always a good idea.
  • Sunglasses – Great for not only protecting your eyes from UV rays, but also for reducing glare, making seeing the beauty of our marine friends all the more clearer.
  • Lightweight, water resistant clothing – Out on the sea you might find yourself facing the occasional small splash of water. Quick drying, lightweight clothing will help keep you comfortable while enjoying your trip. If you are planning on buying a few lightweight items, look for breathable clothing with built in UV resistance for added comfort and protection.
  • Binoculars – While an up close experience is quite common during our Maui whale watches, it’s always nice to have a pair of binoculars handy for those times a whale or other marine life chooses to do something amazing a bit farther out from the boat.
  • Waterproof phone case – Just to be safe, equipping your phone with a waterproof case provides great piece of mind while snapping pic, shooting videos, or tweeting your awesome experience on the #HOPMaui whale watch!

Now that you know what to bring, book your Maui whale watch with Hawaii Ocean Project today!

By Captain Dave

In case you missed it: Here are some of our favorite moments shared recently with friends and fans of the Hawaii Ocean Project:

Taken during a recent Hawaii Ocean Project Maui Whale Watching excursion:

Delicious food to complement the amazing views on our Maui dinner cruise:

Did you know that we have a courtesy shuttle available for many of our cruises?

Another satisfied customer!

Just one of our many A W E S O M E crew members aboard the Kaulana!

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