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As many of us embrace World Cup fever at home and abroad, artist Mandy Barker has launched, with impeccable timing, a new collection which brings together what is quite possibly the World’s most popular sport, with marine education and awareness in a most visually stunning way. Titled “Penalty,” this series of photographs shows the scale of debris while reach our oceans worldwide, by focusing on soccer/footballs found by the artist and 89 members of the public over a four month  period.

Through an online appeal as well as beachcombing journeys by the artist, “Penalty” displays and incredible 769 discarded footballs found floating aimlessly in the oceans currents, along with more than 220 other cast off balls, retrieved from 144 different beaches in 41 different countries and islands around the World in just four short months. Photographed in the condition which they were found, unwashed, unaltered, and oftentimes containing creatures ranging from ants to crabs, and even bird life, “Penalty” creates a stunningly vivid picture of the clutter and waste which makes its way to our oceans on a constant basis.

While the photos of “Penalty” are presented in quite a pleasing arrangement, they also serve as a reminder that no matter where on Earth we call home, we all need to do our part to help eliminate  any and all forms of manmade waste from polluting our beautiful seas. So the next time you are out taking a stroll on the beach and come across a piece of trash, do your part and place it in the proper receptacle, to help ensure our oceans and coastlines are waste free for generations to come.

To see the full “Penalty” collection, and more of the artist fantastic artwork, check out:

By Captain Dave

Thinking of taking a flight out to the beautiful island of Molokai while on your next Maui vacation? Did you know there’s a fantastic alternative provided by the Hawaii Ocean Project?

A “hidden gem” which has been servicing the local Maui community for many, many years now, a trip on our Molokai Ferry is a fantastic alternative to an oftentimes less than ideal flight to the Friendly Isle. What makes a trip aboard the Molokai Ferry the better choice? Many reasons, including:

  • (Less) Stress: Forego long lines and invasive security checks at the airport for the laid back atmosphere and check in at the Lahaina and Kaunakakai Harbors.
  • Convenience: Staying in Kaanapali, Kapalua, Lahaina, or anywhere else on Maui’s westernmost coast? The Lahaina harbor is just a few minutes away from the majority of West Maui’s most popular accommodations; while a trip to Kahului airport could easily take 45 minutes or more via car.
  • Price: As of this writing, round trip airfare from Maui to Molokai is in the $280 range per person. This is more than DOUBLE the price of a round trip fare on the Molokai Ferry for an adult passenger, and almost FOUR TIMES the price of a children’s round trip fare on the Molokai Ferry! Factor in additional savings such as Taxi fare to and from your hotel to the Lahaina Harbor vs. the airport, and you’ll agree the Molokai Ferry offers a much better value for your dollar!
  • Experience: Why sit in a chilly, stuffy airline cabin with a bunch of strangers when you can enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun, cooling ocean breeze, and a feeling of familiarity while traveling with the always awesome crew and passengers aboard the equally amazing, open air Molokai Ferry?!

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Keeping without mission of providing a quality educational resource for our visitors and Ohana alike, at the Hawaii Ocean Project we strive to keep you up to date with the latest in conservation and general ocean related information via out fantastic tours (such as our Lanai snorkeling and Maui whale watching trips) as well as our many online resources, such as our fantastic Twitter account @HIOceanProject. If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet, here’s a few of our best, most recent, informational tweets:

A much needed renovation of the Molokai ferry terminal is now complete:


A marine life etiquette reminder from the Department of Land and Natural Resources:


Always remember to respect the Aina:



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Research reveals new Whale species information:



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This is just a small sampling of what can be found in our Twitter feed so, if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter @HIOceanProject and stay up to date with the latest in Hawaii marine news.

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An enchanting Maui sunset, 360 degree views of the West Maui coastline, and cocktail in hand. Sounds like the start of a perfect evening in paradise does it not? Whether you live here or are simply visiting the wonderful island of Maui, you owe it to yourself to enjoy just such an experience on our Maui Sunset Cocktail Cruise.

Held aboard the Kaulana, Maui’s most stable double deck catamaran, our Monday/Wednesday/Friday cocktail cruise is the PERFECT way to start an evening on Maui. Departing at 5pm, this two hour sunset sail includes two complimentary cocktails, a large variety of hot and cool appetizers, and live mixing courtesy of our on board DJ. Sit back and take in the amazing views, or dance the night away on our spacious open deck area/dance floor! There’s even an on board gift shop where you can purchase fantastic souvenirs from your fun filled cruise.

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