Have you ever considered adding an extra splash of adventure by taking a guided tour of Molokai? We see so many return visitors to Maui, there are few places on the island that they haven't been, and that's why a little island hopping can be just the right ingredient to a memorable vacation.

Our Molokai Ali'i Tour Package makes the whole experience convenient, fun, and safe. All you need to do is book your trip and hop aboard our ferry, which runs between Maui and Molokai. In fact, ours is the only inter-island ferry to Molokai, so you can't get this experience with any other tour company.

Once you've enjoyed the scenic trip to Molokai aboard the Molokai Princess, an experienced, local tour guide will drive you on a sightseeing tour in a comfortable air-conditioned van or bus. You'll get to see some of the coolest spots on the island, including historic Hawaiian fish ponds, Kaunakakai Town, Father Damien's Church, Purdy's Natural Macadamia Nut Farm, Coffees of Hawaii, and Kalaupapa Sea cliffs, which are among the highest in the world. All the while, your guide will share stories with you about the historic background and contemporary influences of each location.

This tour package comes with a continental breakfast, lunch at a local restaurant on Molokai, and your round trip tickets on the ferry. Since you won't be driving, you and your group can be hands-free for plenty of pictures while you drive, and you won't have to worry about getting lost. Overall, the package is a great deal.

Molokai is a fascinating island, and a bastion of authentic Hawaiian culture. This guided tour will provide you with a window into a relatively isolated place with a low population and few visitors. It's a special opportunity for adventure that you can't find anywhere else on Maui. We hope you enjoy it!

Our Lanai snorkel tour earns rave reviews from Maui vacationers and residents alike, so if you haven't tried it yet, we hope you will soon. If you're staying on Maui, snorkeling at the surrounding reefs is easy and accessible, but what about the amazing spots on the neighbor islands. A trip to Lanai is a real treat, and since no two reefs are the same, you'll enjoy a unique experience with your friends, loved ones, or whoever you're bringing on board with you.

One of the highlights of the Lanai trip has got to be the spinner dolphins that we regularly see on our journey. Sightings aren't guaranteed, but when they show up, they make their presence well known with their trademark spins through the air. Dolphins love to ride the bow wave, because it pushes them forward faster, requiring less work for them when they opt to swim along with us. These little dolphins are so lively and acrobatic, they almost make it seem like they are looking for attention! For our guests, the photo opportunities are endless.

When we arrive at Lanai, we'll take you to two different snorkeling spots, where Hawaiian green sea turtles are commonly sighted, along with a myriad of other marine life. The corals are home to a rainbow of fish. Tangs are a common sight, as are triggerfish, parrotfish, pufferfish and wrasses. Bright yellow butterflyfish are popular residents at these reefs, including the pennant butterflyfish that swim in small schools, flashing their yellow tails and bold black and white stripes.

Urchins, sea cucumbers and starfish are often found in these reefs, and if you're lucky, you may spot an elusive octopus or shy hermit crab, both of which tend to blend in with their surroundings as a defense strategy. Eels can sometimes be seen cruising along the bottom of the reef and keeping to themselves, when they aren't tucked in their little dens.

Sound like a world you'd like to explore? Hop aboard our 70-foot catamaran, the Kaulana of Maui, enjoy a continental breakfast on our journey out and absorb the stunning views surrounding you from either of our two decks. The Pacific Ocean is stunning here in the mornings, and you can see several neighbor islands as we move along. When we arrive, you'll have plenty of time to explore both snorkeling stops, and then you can get back onboard and refresh yourself with our full BBQ lunch and a complimentary cocktail. Your snorkel gear will be provided for you, and our expert crew will give you any instruction you need in using it. We also provide flotation devices for your safety. For extra fun, we have a slide from our upper deck into the water. The kids love it, but so do the grown ups!

If you've made up your mind to join us on one of these amazing adventures, you can book your trip on our Lanai Snorkeling Boat Tour page. But if you need more information first, or would rather book over the phone, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you out there! Mahalo!

That exciting season is just around the corner, when our ocean will be filled with humpback whales. The tranquil waters off Maui attract these gentle giants in their thickest numbers, and it's no mystery why. The adults that you see returning here year after year were in fact born here in Hawaii, and return to breed and give birth to new calves of their own. Only when they've spent the cold months in our warm waters do they return to the poles to feed.

Whale watching might actually be the most celebrated of the Maui activities, among residents and vacationers alike. Part of the thrill is the sheer size of these animals, with lengths of around 45 feet being common among them. To top it off, they are the most acrobatic of all the baleen whales, displaying a variety of maneuvers above the surface of the water in ways that have held onlookers spellbound for countless generations.

Considering the popularity of whale watch outings, we'd like to encourage you to take advantage of our Whale Watch Tour Pre-Booking option. Our excursions tend to fill up fast when whale season begins, and often before then. That's because our outings provide special benefits to our guests, including guaranteed whale sightings, or we'll give you your money back.

Our boats are the largest on the island, which makes them the most stable, not to mention that they were specially designed to provide even more stability than their size alone would provide. This makes us a great option for those who want happy stomachs on the trip. Smaller craft such as rafts are zippy, but much more liable to cause sea sickness.

Another benefit to our tours is the impressive height and length of our decks. The height provides a broader range of vantage points from which you can observe these magnificent creatures. The length gives more room for our guests to spread out along the railings to watch. Both help ensure that you'll get a spectacular viewing experience and amazing photo opportunities.

We use our hydrophone to listen to the whales as they call and sing, depending on proximity and water conditions. That's a popular feature for our guests, and it's educational for the kids. While you're onboard, you can use our binoculars for free so you can track the whales while they're still at a distance. We also have an onboard gift shop so you can get yourself and your loved ones souvenirs to take home. The funds from those purchases go directly to the groundbreaking research of a select few marine scientists.

If you book online with us, tickets are $33.66 per adult and $20.17 per child. The Early Bird excursion is $19.21 per adult and $17.07 per child. Children ages 6 and under are free, while one child between ages 7-12 can get in free per paying adult. We guarantee whale sightings on our outings, or we'll refund your trip. If you have any additional questions, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you during whale season! Mahalo!

So you've experienced our adventurous Molokini snorkel outing, or elegant Maui dinner cruise, or perhaps our Molokai tour. Hopefully you've snapped some fantastic pictures to commemorate your exciting vacation experience with us. But have you taken home a keepsake souvenir to remind you of the time you spent adventuring with us on Maui?

In case you're thinking this blog sounds like advertising, we want you to know that 100% of our retail profits go directly to a few carefully selected marine scientists whose research is invaluable. Their findings help to keep policymakers informed, the public educated, and our marine ecosystem protected.

Our support for these scientists is strong, and that's why we enthusiastically encourage our guests to take home one of our souvenirs. That way, you get to bring a little part of your experience home in the form of something you like, while our researchers get to continue making new discoveries for the benefit of our collective future.

Our merchandise can be purchased not only on any one of our vessels, but also at our loading dock at the scenic Lahaina Harbor. Interested? Here's a list of the items we are offering at this time. Of course, the list is subject to change in the future.

  • HOP T-shirt (red, blue, black)
  • HOP long sleeved T-shirt (red, blue, black)
  • HOP child T-shirt (red, blue)
  • "Got Tail?" Women's tank top (white)
  • HOP hooded sweatshirt (grey)
  • Trucker hat (red, blue)
  • Koolie tie (white)
  • HOP canvas tote bag (red turtles or blue whale tail)
  • Hawaii's Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries by Jim Darling (with photos by Flip Nicklin)
  • 20 oz BPA-free stainless steel water bottle (red)
  • Koozy (red or blue)
  • Bumper stickers (Life's a Breach or I ♥ Research)

We hope that we'll see you out on an excursion with us soon, and that you'll opt to bring home one of these keepsakes to commemorate your vacation and help support marine research. If you need any assistance planning or booking your excursion with us, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!