Best Hawaiian Beers – HOP to it

Hawaii has become a hotbed for excellent craft breweries. Here is our list of the top five locally brewed beers.

  1. Coconut Hiwa Porter (Maui Brewing Company)– We’re suckers for a smooth porter. This bad boy is like silk, if silk tastes a bit chocolatey, with hints of coffee and coconut. Maui Brewing Company has a wonderful tasting room, with tours, in Kihei. (Maui Brewing Company)
  2. Lokahi Pilsner (Kohola Brewery)– This award winning pilsner is another must try on Maui. The brewery is located in Lahaina and offers tours Tuesday – Saturday. (Kohola Brewery)
  3. Bikini Blonde (Maui Brewing Company)– We consider this to be the quintessential Hawaiian beer. Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect beer to enjoy with a meal or poolside, with your feet kicked up.
  4. Overhead IPA (Big Island Brewhaus)– A fruity IPA that has a nice bite, but isn’t overly bitter. You’re most likely to find this on tap on Maui, as it can be challenging to locate in grocery stores. (Big Island Brewhaus)
  5. Double Overhead IPA (Maui Brewing Company)– Another citrusy IPA with some bite, this is our favorite IPA produced by Maui Brewing Company, though the Big Swell IPA is also excellent.

Choosing a favorite beer, of course, is highly subjective. What are your favorite Hawai’ian beers? Hit us up on Twitter @HIOceanProject and Instagram @hawaiioceanproject


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